Mission Statement

We are a non-profit LGBTQ community that builds connections, offers
resources, information and support to queer youth in HPE and
surrounding communities.


We envision a community where every LGBTQ youth has the freedom to be their true self.



Throughout RYO, we live by these values.

Acceptance and respect

We value all forms of diversity. We believe in Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA). We offer support, not direction; affirmation, not judgement. We respect all who walk through our doors, and welcome LGBTQ youth and their allies equally. The network of organizations and individuals supporting the work of RYO is just as diverse, respecting and engaging the perspectives and experiences of everyone who supports the mission and vision of RYO.

Responsive and Relevant

LGBTQ youth guide the work and direction of RYO. We are responsive to young people and the supports and services offered are relevant to the unique needs identi?ed by the LGBTQ community.

Promote Hopefulness and Inner Peace

Hope, optimism and resilience is paramount in the supports we offer. We are committed to providing opportunities and support to LGBTQ youth that build or strengthen their sense of self-worth and self- acceptance. Embracing our true selves, finding inner peace and being hopeful for the future can offer brighter tomorrows.


We believe that a community is strongest when it is unified. We celebrate diversity. Together, with
LGBTQ youth and their allies, we have a shared purpose to advocate for and attain acceptance, inclusion, equality and safety for all LGBTQ youth in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties and surrounding communities.


We work as much as possible, in collaboration with other community organizations, youth, schools,
parents, funders and government. We share information and resources to expand the capacity of the community to support, include, accept and serve queer youth.


For more information please call: (705) 313 5124 & leave a message

or send us an email rainbowyouthoutreachquinte@gmail.com